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Why 1Password makes you safer online with a single click

When we were looking at what products we should include in our Pango subscription service, a password manager was a no-brainer. After all, in America alone, 64% of people have personally experienced a major data breach impacting their accounts and sensitive information. And the best way to protect yourself against cybercrimes after being involved in a breach is to have a unique, hard-to-guess password for every online account. 

And yet, according to the Pew Research Center, 41% of people share their passwords, 39% say they reuse the same passwords across many accounts, and 25% admit they use simple-to-guess passwords because they are easier to remember. Given our mission here at Pango is to fully protect you, your family, and your business online by simplifying security, a password manager was a product we immediately knew we wanted to include in our subscription offering. 

We selected 1Password as our password manager of choice because the product is already trusted by millions of consumers around the world, and in 2019, 1Password won a Webby award for Services & Utilities in the Apps, Mobile, and Voice category. Currently, it’s also the highest-rated password manager on Trustpilot. 

As Jeff Shiner, the CEO, of 1Password put it: “1Password and Pango share the belief that privacy is your right, not a privilege; everyone deserves visibility and control over what happens to their data. Together, we’ve created a security bundle that makes it easier than ever for you to secure your data, protect your privacy, and guard your identity.”

With our Pango subscription service including Hotspot Shield, Robo Shield, Identity Guard, and of course 1Password, we believe we have put together the most comprehensive suite of privacy and security products available.

Our CEO here at Pango, Sujay Jaswa, said: “I have been an enthusiastic 1Password user since 2011, and am thrilled to partner with Jeff and the 1Password team to bring their great product to every Pango subscriber.”