Product Privacy Notice – Betternet Safe Shopping

This notice applies to the safe shopping browsing extensions offered by Betternet (“Safe Shopping Feature”). It should be read in conjunction with the Pango Privacy Policy and it describes data processing practices that may vary from our general Privacy Policy. Where there is an inconsistency between the general Privacy Policy and this notice, this notice prevails.

Information Collected by the Safe Shopping Feature

By installing the Betternet Extension, we will collect and store certain information obtained from your use of the Safe Shopping Feature. We only collect information that we believe helps us to save our users time and money. We do not collect any information from your search engine history, emails, or from websites that are not retail sites. We do not track your browsing on any site that is not a retail website (a site where you can shop and make a purchase). We also do not collect bank or credit card information. 

We collect:

Shopping and Usage Data. When you are on a retail site, to help you save money, we will collect information about that site that lets us know which coupons and promos to find for you. We will usually collect the name of the retailer, coupons and deals offered by the retailer, your page views and order details. 

We may also collect and store information about retail websites you view even when you are not interacting with the Safe Shopping Feature. Examples of such data collected are URLs of web pages visited, general information about the visited web page, product searches and related results, information about products added to cart and other product information. The information you share, and we collect, enables us to improve our products and gives us insights about coupons, deals, pricing, which we can share with the rest of our community. 

In all cases, the shopping and usage data we collect is not associated with your personal information.

Aggregate and Anonymized Data. We may also use the information we collect in aggregate or otherwise anonymized form. This lets us look at interactions with the retail sites and does not identify you or any specific person. We use this general data for research, development, marketing, analytics, and to enhance the shopping experience for our community.

Cookies. If you start a shopping session using the Safe Shopping Feature, it will set a cookie on your computer through an affiliate network for the purpose of tracking your shopping session and attributing purchases back to our affiliate links. If cookies or other similar tracking devices from other affiliate marketing companies are already present on your computer, the Safe Shopping Feature will not automatically overwrite those cookies.