Pango for Insurance

For decades, insurance companies have been the safety net that provides peace of mind to consumers. But, with the growing digital threats, insurance companies have the opportunity to level up their protection.

Cyber Risks for Insurance Customers

The breadth of personal data managed by insurance companies turns them into prime targets for cybercriminals’ schemes.

For cybercriminals, insurance companies are like treasure troves—they’re rich with customers’ SSNs, addresses, health records, and more. This wealth of sensitive information places them high on the list of targets for data breaches, leading to the exposure of millions of customer records each year.

According to a study by Deloitte, “Cyber-criminals targeting insurers often have significant resources. This enables them to employ sophisticated attacks that combine advanced malware with other techniques such as social engineering.”

Unmatched Protection

Our products provide your customers with comprehensive protection, addressing the most critical facets of the insurance industry.

Identity Theft Protection

Offering comprehensive protection, including dark web monitoring, credit monitoring, a $1M insurance policy, lost wallet protection, and more, we cover all the bases to secure personal information.

Password Manager

Nearly every data breach can be linked back to a weak or reused password. Empower your customers to create, store, and access stronger passwords from almost all their devices.


Your customers connect to unsecured wifi every day to bank, shop, and stream. Protect their online activities and keep their connection private and secure with the fastest VPN in the industry.

Why Security Offerings are Essential for the Insurance Industry

Intelligent Innovation

Cyber-attacks in the insurance sector are on the rise, driven by the industry’s shift towards digital channels to enhance customer relationships. By integrating online security solutions, insurance companies can not only fortify these connections but also bolster security and trust.


Customer loyalty is no longer a guarantee. Historically, insurance companies have enjoyed some of the highest customer retention rates due to the hassle involved with switching. Now, with easily accessible online competitors, things have changed, and insurance companies need to do more than ever to ensure consumer safety and satisfaction.

Why Consumers Embrace Digital Security Solutions

They Care About Trust

Insurance is one of the most trusted industries, with consumers seeking peace of mind through their services. This trust naturally extends to the online protection tools you provide, enhancing confidence in digital security.

Affordability Meets Confidence

Our fully owned and SDK-enabled products translate into cost-effective security solutions for both providers and consumers, making digital security more accessible.

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    With our customizable security solutions, you can gain more trust from your audience while creating a competitive advantage using a growth-driven strategy that’s tailored to your business.

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    With a more robust product offering, your organization can enhance its value proposition and command higher revenue per user.

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    Pango’s seamless API integration simplifies the technical heavy lifting, enabling your team to deploy faster and engage customers sooner without compromising on quality.

    Tailored Solutions

    Our wide range of industry-leading products enables us to work together to build a product offering that matches your audience’s needs, paving the way for strategic business growth.