Seamless & Secure Access with our Industry-Leading Password Manager

In a world where the average consumer juggles over 100 online accounts, password managers are one of the “stickiest” products, offering simplicity and security in a few taps or clicks.

Rising Demand for Password Protection

As the number of online accounts continues to rise, the Password Manager industry is booming, reflecting a surge in consumer adoption of these indispensable tools.

A Critical Security Challenge

of all breaches trace back to one avoidable issue: compromised passwords.

The Adoption

Americans are using a password manager, yet 1 in 4 still reuse the same password across multiple accounts—highlighting the need for increased awareness.

Seamless Security Across Accounts

Elevate your users’ digital experience with our premier Password Manager. Designed for easy integration into daily life, it gives your customers secure, one-click access to their entire digital world.

Easy Access, Anywhere

Safely access and share your accounts from anywhere so your digital life moves with you

Instant Setup & Security

Our streamlined process allows users to bulk upload passwords and be fully operational within seconds

Secure Passwords

Elevate your security with auto-saved credentials, auto-generated strong passwords, and secured password data

Automatic Enhancements

Detect and strengthen reused or compromised passwords, automatically strengthening your security without lifting a finger

Seamless Compatibility

Enjoy a consistent experience across Safari, Chrome, iOS, Firefox, and more, keeping you connected and protected on any device

SDK Enabled

Customizable product experience that integrates directly into your solution

Lasting Digital Trust

Password managers are an indispensable tool for managing online accounts. By simplifying their digital experience, we increase customer satisfaction and loyalty

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    Elevating Your Success

    Pango’s Password Manager not only elevates consumer trust through enhanced security but also drives customer retention and business growth. Give your users a tool that simplifies their digital life while fortifying your brand’s commitment to data protection.

    Enhanced User Experiences

    Deliver unmatched online safety, boosting customer satisfaction.

    Loyalty That Lasts

    Secure connections lead to increased retention.

    Expanding Opportunities

    Enhanced privacy and protection drive your business forward.

    Flexible Deployment

    We understand no two businesses are alike. That’s why we offer a range of deployment options to suit your specific needs.

    • Off the Shelf
    • White Label
    • Hybrid

    Our plug-and-play solutions are designed for ease of integration and immediate effectiveness. Swift, reliable protection with minimal setup.

    Combine Pango’s trusted security services with your brand identity. Customizable, top-tier protection that enhances value and customer trust.

    For ultimate flexibility, our Hybrid Deployment option blends our ready-to-use products with customizable features. The best of both worlds!

    Why Partner with Pango

    With our customizable security solutions, you can gain more trust from your audience while creating a competitive advantage using a growth-driven strategy that’s tailored to your business.

    Maximize Revenue Potential

    With a more robust product offering, your organization can enhance its value proposition and command higher revenue per user.

    Impact Retention

    Create an unbeatable product experience that keeps users coming back with “sticky” solutions that significantly boost long-term retention.

    Build Unwavering Trust

    Offering industry-leading security products exceeds customer expectations and solidifies you as a loyal and trustworthy brand.

    Launch Quickly

    Pango’s seamless API integration simplifies the technical heavy lifting, enabling your team to deploy faster and engage customers sooner without compromising on quality.

    Tailored Solutions

    Our wide range of industry-leading products enables us to work together to build a product offering that matches your audience’s needs, paving the way for strategic business growth.