Pango for Telco

The competition in the mobile and internet provider category has continued to grow—with no signs of stopping. In order to compete for customers and help current subscribers stay, providers need to bring something extra to the table.

Top Threats for Mobile and Internet Consumers

As consumers’ digital lives expand, mobile and internet services become hotspots for cybercriminals. With vast amounts of personal data flowing through these networks, telecom providers have the opportunity to offer defense against sophisticated cyber threats.

On average, consumers are bombarded with 31 scam calls each month, a disturbing frequency that not only disrupts peace of mind but can also lead to significant financial losses, averaging $1,400 per victim.

A staggering 81% of wifi networks in the US lack protection. Without the use of a VPN, consumers risk exposing their sensitive information to cyber threats every time they connect.

Cybercriminals deploy cunning phishing tactics to steal valuable information, often starting with what appears to be harmless emails from credible sources—like a phone or internet provider. These messages lure users into revealing personal details or downloading malicious software.

Comprehensive Security for the Telco Industry

As cyber threats escalate, the telecommunications sector has become a prime target for cybercriminals. Our products provide safeguards for customer data and financial information, as well as extensive privacy and protection across all devices.


Your customers connect to unsecured wifi every day to bank, shop, and stream. Protect their online activities and keep their connection private and secure with the fastest VPN in the industry.

Identity Theft Protection

Offering comprehensive protection, including dark web monitoring, credit monitoring, a $1M insurance policy, lost wallet protection, and more, we cover all the bases to secure personal information.

Password Manager

Nearly every data breach can be linked back to a weak or reused password. Empower your customers to create, store, and access stronger passwords from almost all their devices.

Why Security Offerings are Essential for the Telco Industry

Increase ARPU

Incorporating security services into your current offerings, whether as enhancements to existing bundles or as options for product upsells, is a strategic move that can significantly elevate your average revenue per user.

Increase Retention

Increasing the number of touch points with your product and platform cultivates more engaged, loyal customers, who will become more inclined to renew their subscriptions. This approach to customer engagement fosters a deeper connection and reliance on your services.

Why Consumers Embrace Digital Security Solutions

Threats affect them Every Day

Every day, consumers deal with scam calls and the risks of connecting to unsafe wifi networks. They know the risks but don’t know about the simple, accessible solutions—leaving them unprotected. With your offering, you can bridge this gap, providing a straightforward, affordable safeguard against these everyday digital hazards.

They Want All-In-One Security

In partnership with our sister company, Aura, we’ve uncovered a key insight: consumers have come to expect one platform to handle all of their needs. Your platform can not only provide connection but also comprehensive protection, leading to higher consumer satisfaction.

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    What Our Partners Are Saying

    Pango helped us increase customer revenue and lifetime value, leading to substantial growth for our business.

    Why Partner with Pango

    With our customizable security solutions, you can gain more trust from your audience while creating a competitive advantage using a growth-driven strategy that’s tailored to your business.

    Maximize Revenue Potential

    With a more robust product offering, your organization can enhance its value proposition and command higher revenue per user.

    Impact Retention

    Create an unbeatable product experience that keeps users coming back with “sticky” solutions that significantly boost long-term retention.

    Build Unwavering Trust

    Offering industry-leading security products exceeds customer expectations and solidifies you as a loyal and trustworthy brand.

    Launch Quickly

    Pango’s seamless API integration simplifies the technical heavy lifting, enabling your team to deploy faster and engage customers sooner without compromising on quality.

    Tailored Solutions

    Our wide range of industry-leading products enables us to work together to build a product offering that matches your audience’s needs, paving the way for strategic business growth.