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$12.99 Combined value of $27.96/mo
$12.99 /mo Combined value of $27.96/mo
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For as little as $12.99/month, protect yourself and your family with one Pango account, up to 5 devices.


Hotspot Shield

Stay private and access worldwide content

Hotspot Shield VPN provides secure and private internet access by encrypting your personal browsing information to keep it safe from hackers, your ISP, and more. Hotspot Shield VPN leads the competition in VPN speed so you can browse and stream your favorite videos, games, shows, sports, and movies anywhere in HD quality.

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One password for your entire life

1Password is an easy-to-use password manager that puts privacy first to give you full control of your data. Create strong passwords you'll never have to remember, sign into sites with a single click, and guard against data breaches with the Watchtower suite of security tools. 1Password syncs seamlessly across devices , so your passwords are always with you when you need them.

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Robo Shield

Don't get this if you love robocalls

Robo Shield identifies and blocks annoying robocalls, keeping you safe from scam calls that aim to steal your information and money. Robo Shield caller ID instantly identifies spam calls, telemarketing calls, and more, and our scam database is updated every hour. Choose call categories you want blocked to send them straight to voicemail, and report any number to the FTC.

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Identity Guard

Protection from identity and credit theft

Identity Guard safeguards your digital and financial identity from the constant risk of fraud. Our comprehensive identity theft protection service monitors your personal information 24/7 and alerts you fast when we detect any activity that could indicate credit fraud. With services like dark web monitoring, $1 million insurance* and stolen funds reimbursement, Identity Guard works around the clock to keep you protected.

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Get peace of mind for $12.99/mo

Combined value of $27.96/mo