VPN Study

Pango recently conducted two consumer surveys gauging the Security & Privacy consumer market

  1. a broad market consumer survey targeting U.S. adults in Oct-Nov 2021 
  2. a Security & Privacy consumer survey on a sample of U.S. adults qualified to be security & privacy product owners in Nov 2021

Key VPN Stats:

  1. Approximately 30% of respondents from the security & privacy consumer survey reported owning a VPN amongst all of their personal digital security products
  2. Approximately 25% of respondents reported online activity snooping as a security concern. This was true for both the broad market and security & privacy consumer surveys
  3. Approximately 27% of respondents from the broad market consumer survey reported a VPN as their most valuable personal digital security product
  4. Approximately 29% of respondents who owned a VPN from the broad market consumer survey had a high degree of awareness and an engaged mindset displayed by their reasoning behind owning a VPN (driven by caution and consuming media about the importance)
  5. Approximately 15% of respondents from the broad market consumer survey reported protection from online snooping to be the best quality of their VPN